School Assemblies

Pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade

Miss Kate's Very, Very Special Class Project is designed Pre-K, K, and  1.  It is not recommended that all grades be combined for a single  assembly.

This assembly is approximately 45 minutes long.  It  includes a PowerPoint presentation of the book and speaking engagement featuring Buck, the author.   "The Good Deed Beat " gets the audience up and  moving.  Buck then gives a very short talk about how  competition creates collaboration and the importance of positive self  esteem, good character and doing your part.

Bracelets and books are distributed at the conclusion and are autographed by request.

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School Assemblies

All Grades Levels

Good Deed Challenge is an assembly for all grade levels.  Buck, the  author of the Miss Kate series and innovator of the good deed bracelet and challenge,  hosts the speaking engagement which explains the  difference between doing what you are told and doing a good deed, as  well as the importance of having positive self-esteem and good  character.  The challenge is class against class and grade level against grade level to see who can accomplish the greatest number of good deeds  each week.  Each class/grade level is assigned a color.  To be really unique, each grade level has a color, but each class within that grade is  assigned a different shade.  For example, the third grade color is  blue.  Ms. Stocking's class color is navy, Mrs. Schlossberg's class color is teal.  Mr. Wombat's color is indigo.  At the end of the week, the  class totals are tallied and a couple of representatives of each class color the chart on the billboard which will be located in the main lobby  of the school.  The competition creates collaboration as we all work  together to achieve the school goal of 5000 good deeds!

Book Signings

Author Events

Buck reads "Miss Kate's Very, Very Special Class Project" (Pre-K through First Grade) or  "Miss Kate's Very Special Class Adventure" (2nd & 3rd Grade.)  Books and  bracelets are available for purchase for the "Class Project" book and the book is available for purchase for the "Class Adventure" book.  All books are  autographed upon request.

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Workshops for the School Community

After-school student/staff/parent/community member workshop

These programs are uniquely designed.  They include a reading of the  book, singing and dancing and discussions.  The intent is to involve  adults and older siblings in the Good Deed Challenge.  Role modeling of course is one of our goals, but equally important is reinforcing  positive self-esteem and good character in everyone.

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