Character U empowers children with social emotional learning and character development skills to feel and do their best. In a day and age with so much negativity and pressure we want our children to grow up having the tools to confidently navigate life's ups and downs and thrive in today’s complex world.

Children who have the skills to feel good on the inside, are more likely to do well on the outside and treat each other with compassion, respect and appreciate people’s differences. We want children to feel safe and grow up in a kinder, safer and more accepting environment by improving their:

  • Self-esteem
  • Self-regulation
  • Resilience
  • Communication skills
  • Respect and kindness to themselves and each other


During Character U’s programs, children are introduced to the power of positive self-talk, mindset and social emotional tools called, The 12 Cs, from author Gretchen Burman’s book, The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta.

The 12 Cs:

Common language of social emotional learning and character development skills offering a framework of tools to help children build their best self. Engaging and age-appropriate curriculum are woven with meaningful and fun activities for long-lasting learning.

Green Glory and Red Rant (self-talk and mindset):

Characters from my book that offer a fun and tangible for children to understand the power of positive self-talk and mindset skills so they can be the boss of their thoughts.


 Green Glory & Red Rant

The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta book

Compilation of 12 relatable stories, tips for kids and activities that bring The 12 Cs concepts to life. It shows children how they, too can navigate through real life situations and be ready to handle whatever life throws at them.  The book is a teaching tool designed to be read by children and adults together, offering a consistent vocabulary of communication tools to open dialogue and foster conversations.


Like most learning opportunities, the greatest impact is made when we engage children while they are young, and continue education over time.  Our programs intentionally begin with primary-aged children.  We also offer training and resources for the adult influencers to help continue the lessons. 

Programs champion a positive climate where children are ready, able and eager to learn and grow in and out of school so they can reach their fullest potential. Character U offers the following programs:

  • Workshops
  • Train the Trainer certification
  • Professional Development
  • Parent/Caregiver Presentations
  • Assemblies
  • Author Visits


For more information visit, email or call 973-913-4612.