About Buck (ie)

Lori Buckland


Buck(ie) is and always has been dedicated to being the very best educator,  parent, friend and coach possible.  She believes in building strong  character, focusing on having a keen awareness of self and the environment, taking responsibility for your words and actions, and transcending yourself. To accomplish all of this requires knowing  how to build self-esteem, motivate yourself and others, cultivate strengths while minimizing weaknesses, and identifying your own core values.  For these words to be more than just rhetoric, they have to become a part of who you are and what you do. 

A couple of years ago, a trio of life altering tragedies hit Buckie hard, all within a 6-month period.  Stunned, even frozen for a time, she was lost.  One early evening, she realized how heavy the weight was on her chest and what a toll it was taking on her.  She thought, "where do I  turn?  Who do I love and trust with all that I'm feeling and thinking?"   And, in her darkest moment, the answer was, "Me."  She said to herself,  "I have everything I need.  And that is when Buckie began to write motivational posters, music, and books.  She was determined to help herself, no doubt, but even more importantly, she became determined to teach as many other people as possible to be who they are "supposed to be."  

"If you're going to survive you need to be strong.  If you're going to thrive, you need to be courageous." - that is one of the sayings from Buckie's Playbook.  And it is with great courage and determination that Buck requests you to join her on your journey be a person who can say, "when I look in the mirror I smile at the one looking back at me, knowing I'm exactly who I'm  supposed to be."